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Click the button below to schedule a Free Initial Phone Consultation at your convenience. Plan on 10-15 minutes with a credit expert to discuss how we can help!

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In addition to a Free Initial Phone Consultation, we can provide you with a Credit File Analysis based on your current report, discuss strategies to reach your goals, and an initial round of correspondence. Simply click the button below and answer a few quick questions. We’ll get back with you right away. Credit File Analysis is included at no additional cost in all Full or Expedited Suites of Service.



Our Full Suite of Services clients make a monthly commitment to our process, and we work on a credit optimization strategy that is designed for their scenario. Whether the client’s goal is to address some late payments, or to tackle more serious credit blemishes, our commitment is to move each client toward their credit goals as quickly and efficiently as we can.



Our Expedited Suite of Services deploys advanced strategies to help clients who are prepared to invest in moving toward their credit goals more aggressively. Our expedited client interactions are top priority, and include ongoing support from our Client Concierge.

The work that we perform for our expedited clients is significantly more intricate, typically resulting in more rapid credit improvements for clients with complex or challenging credit scenarios.


Starting at just $97.00/month. *We reserve the right to customize final pricing, based upon a Client’s needs.

Clients who benefit from our Credit Profile Enhancement service may have high utilization issues, thin credit files, jumbled personal identifiers, or other challenges. We advise and deploy lawful, proven techniques on their behalf to significantly improve their overall credit health, over a 60-90 day window.

Clients who have completed one of our Suite of Services also benefit from an ongoing monthly review of their improved credit data by our experts.


From $27.99 a month, after a $1 7-Day Trial!

In the age of frequent Data Breaches, our SecureMax service is vital to protecting your credit health. Through our affiliation with IdentityIQ, our clients have access to monthly credit reports, $1M in protection against identity theft, and daily notification of atypical credit behaviors, or dark web activity.

*SecureMax service is required for all clients who retain us for any paid Service or Suite of Services.

Tri-Bureau FICO Scores & Identity Protection are also available here.



*Please note that any pricing which appears online has been posted for our active clients, for whom we have already performed services, and as a reference for future customers who are contemplating the investment required to improve their credit. In compliance with relevant industry statutes and regulations, we do not bill any client for services rendered prior to performing requested services on any active client’s behalf.