Step One: How Can We Help?

Please take a minute to answer a few questions for us at the link below. We’ll review and reach back out to you!

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Step Two: Identity IQ Secure Max

Sign up for Identity IQ, our preferred credit monitoring partner. Your Identity IQ SecureMAX protection starts with a 7-day Trial for just $1.00. Experian, Equifax and Transunion credit monitoring, daily alerts, and $1 million in Identity Theft coverage are included from day one. Continued use of the Identity IQ service is a requirement for all clients, enabling us to securely review and optimize your credit data.

Step Three: Secure Client Portal

Provide us with the details that we need to set up your Secure Client Portal. Simply click the link below to fill out our secure client form, and upload your identity verification files. One of our team members will follow up within one business day to confirm your submission, and email you with your new client login credentials.

Step Four: Get Down To Business

It’s time to Get Down to Business. After we securely review your current credit data, we will generate your initial Credit Analysis and send it to you via your client email address. Once you’ve reviewed your Credit Analysis and signed up for Services, our credit experts will go to work on your behalf!

Frequently Asked Questions

First, we only utilize legal, ethical methods which don’t include disputing valid debts, or other unethical practices that are common among our competitors. Second, we leverage sophisticated AI to streamline communications on behalf of our clients. Third, our innovative approach tends to produce results for our clients much faster than historic dispute methods. We aren’t in business just to make a quick buck. We are in business to make a difference.

Absolutely. In fact, through our partnership with IdentityIQ, all of our clients are able to rest assured that their credit data is being provided and monitored by a leading-edge company, which offers $1 million in identity theft protection. We require all clients to utilize this service while their case is active and provide it at a significant discount of just $27 per month.

This depends on the credit issues that you want to improve, and on the services you choose to contract with us to provide. Our initial work may be enough to take care of people with a few minor issues. For others who have more serious challenges, or who pay for our expedited services, the results and timeframe will vary on a case-by-case basis. In any event, we find that our process generally creates results for our clients in far less time than traditional methods. Sometimes in as little as half the time.

Each client receives a unique login, where they can easily login to check on the status of their progress anytime day or night. We offer a ticket system for support issues related to the secure client portal. You may also reach us via our contact form here on the web, or call our office during normal business hours. We’re here to serve you.

As outlined in our Client Services Agreement, any client who has paid for our services and has not seen significant improvement in their credit profile within 90 days, will automatically have their agreement term extended on a month-to-month basis, at a reduced rate or free of charge. Any such extension, and the terms thereof, shall be determined by Proven Credit on a case-by-case basis, and at the Company’s sole discretion.