Our suite of services are driven by innovative technology, and a time-tested, proven process. Even while following strict protocol to serve our clients with integrity, the solutions that we recommend to each client are tailored to that individual’s credit scenario. We go to work right away with our client’s goals in mind.

Below you’ll find the four easy steps that our team will walk you through as a new client, and the best news is that you can take the first step right now. It typically takes less than two minutes.

First Step: Engage

The First Step is for you to fill out and submit our new client form below. We just have a few questions for you about your current situation and your credit goals, which should take you only a minute to answer for us.

Second Step: Consult

The Second Step is a Free Consultation Phone Call from one of our credit experts, to talk through the information that you send to us, and to recommend the next steps. This call should take about fifteen minutes and will be scheduled at your convenience, during our normal business hours.

Third Step: Commit

The Third Step occurs once a client has agreed to move forward and has taken the recommended actions to provide us with the information we require to perform our initial services. This step will provide you with a credit file analysis, a recommended strategy for your case, and an initial round of correspondence on your behalf. After the initial work is performed, you will be presented with an agreement and invoice which must be paid prior to the initial correspondence being mailed out.

Fourth Step: Review

The Fourth Step begins with a review of the results from your most recent correspondence, and a follow-up strategy for subsequent services will be executed with your credit goals in mind. Our experts will roll up their sleeves on your behalf, and get to work!

Frequently Asked Questions

First, we only utilize legal, ethical methods which don’t include disputing valid debts, or other unethical practices that are common among our competitors. Second, we leverage sophisticated AI to streamline communications on behalf of our clients. Third, our innovative approach tends to produce results for our clients much faster than historic dispute methods. We’re not just in business to make a quick buck. We’re in business to make a meaningful difference in the lives of our clients.

Absolutely. In fact, through our partnership with IdentityIQ, all of our clients are able to rest assured that their credit data is being provided and monitored by a leading-edge company, which offers $1 million in identity theft protection. We require all clients to utilize this service while their case is active and provide it at a significant discount of just $27 per month.

This depends on the credit issues that you want to improve, and on the services you choose to contract with us to provide. Our initial work, outlined in Step Two and Step Three above, may be enough to take care of people with a few minor issues. For others who have more serious challenges, or who pay for our expedited services, the results will be unique to each client. In any event, we find that our process generally creates results for our clients in far less time than traditional methods. Sometimes in as little as half the time.

Each client receives a unique login, where they can easily login to check on the status of their progress anytime day or night. We offer a ticket system for support issues related to the secure client portal. You may also reach us via our contact form here on the web, or call our office during normal business hours. We’re here to serve you.